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E-Commerce & Omni Channel Supply Chain Operations.


Charlene assists cross-border retailers, brands and pure players in optimising and developing their supply chain.

Charlene has a focus on direct-to-consumer flows by taking into account its specific requirements in terms of transparency, quality and velocity. B2C delivery has to be seen as the F1 of logistics. All aspects of the chain have to be just perfect in order to keep workers motivated, costs under control and customer satisfaction maximised. The supply chain outcome should be a differentiator, a value driver, not a cost center. Defaulting on one of the many parameters of delivery is unacceptable in today’s world.

The competition is no longer limited to the direct competitors in your market but to whatever experience and offer the consumer find anywhere. The rules are set by first movers and leaders in the online world. The customer does not pardon you because your URL is different from Amazon or Do you want to wait to act?

Supply chain development | Supply chain optimisation


Supply chain development?

Opening a new warehouse or re-locating one is of strategic importance for your company. Besides entering new markets, it can reduce costs significantly, allow you to increase volumes if your labour requirements are not met, … It requires huge investments of time and money and should not be reversed or called off. Using your crystal ball to forecast the short- and longterm volumes is common. The success of the warehouse should however hardly be influenced by the accuracy of the estimation. The choice of the location is the outcome of a strategy. The plan has to hold the possibility to adapt parts to it when parameters change. It is not a question if the parameters will change, the question is when and what. It is impossible to foresee what the future brings, it is however possible to prepare for changes in advance!


Supply chain optimisation in and around the warehouse

A supply chain is a major cost driver in B2C activities. All possible optimisations have to be implemented in order to save costs and maximise consumer satisfaction. Charlene brings its long-term experience, insights and best-in-class examples to the table in order to leave you with the best cards in your hand. Charlene believes contuous improvement is important but

Process optimisation

Process optimisation starts with a perfect warehouse layout. Where are you installing your return zone? What type of racking do you need? What is the required warehouse height? Warehouse design is the fundament, the basis of your house’s “accuracy and productivity”. KPI’s and PI’s are sacred instruments in the supply chain world. Stock accuracy and productivity measurement are the basis for a sound warehouse management. Charlene is open to work on a “no cure – no pay” remuneration. Both sides of the market (logistics providers and retailers) have been contracting Charlene for long-term projects in order to develop a winning strategy and implemented it in the field. Are you next or are you satisfied with the current performance?


Our strengths & focus

Charlene focuses on finding the right location(s) and required partners taking into account line-haul, labour and warehouse availability, local legislation, B2C knowledge, environmental laws, … and your needs. Line-haul and transport hub locations are tremendously important driving forces in our eyes.

Charlene assists its customer on setting up and negotiating contracts with 3PL’s, landlords, developers, transporters and back-office software suppliers such as WMS, TMS and OMS providers in order to achieve best in class supply chain solutions. Charlene has played a leading role in initiating and negotiating contracts while respecting the cultural differences to reach the goals set. What are your requirements and how can they be measured?


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